The Effects of Sleep on Physical Health

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Getting enough sleep at night gives your body plenty of energy during the day, but sleep deprivation affects so much more than just your energy level.

Sleep helps you feel better

If you sleep for a full eight hours (or more) each night, your body and mind will run smoothly from head to toe. Muscles and joints, in addition to the rest of your organs, will function at normal levels. This will give you the confidence to tackle all tasks throughout the day.

Sleep gives you balance

Keeping a normal sleep cycle helps your hormones to stay balanced. If you’re sleep deprived, these hormones can be thrown off. This is especially important when it comes to eating. When the hormone that tells your brain if your body is full becomes unbalanced, your body craves filling foods like carbs and sugars. This can cause dramatic weight gain, in addition to other health problems. Your body’s natural release of insulin is disturbed when sleep deprived, which can increase your risk for diabetes. High blood pressure and heart disease are also risk factors of sleep deprivation.

Sleep gives you clarity and coordination

Have you ever felt dizzy or off balance after a poor night’s sleep? That’s because your body is trying to ration its remaining energy. Lack of sleep can throw you off balance and make you fall or stumble, causing injuries.


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