Psychiatric Medication Management

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Psychiatric medication management is a system used by our doctors and nurse practitioners to ensure that patients are receiving optimal therapeutic outcomes for the prescription medications that they may be taking.

Generally, we reserve psychiatric medications for patients who are presenting with severe, disabling symptoms and are at risk of further complications if not treated promptly. In those circumstances, these medications can be truly life saving.

When patients first come to us, we do a comprehensive assessment and then carefully draft a treatment plan that entails various therapies, including treatment with natural remedies like natural supplements, nutrition, vitamins and practical advice.

If the above strategies are not adequate or are not desired by the patient, we recommend medication treatment. Prior to beginning medication treatment, we may to need to ensure that our patient is in good general health. If necessary, we may ask them to have a physical exam with their primary care provider and we may order routine lab tests to ensure it is safe to begin medication therapy.

Once on medication, patients are followed at regular intervals (usually every 4 weeks but initially every 2 weeks) to make sure any possible adverse effects of the medicines are dealt with and to adjust dosage to achieve a optimal response. If medications are prescribed at too low of a dose, the symptoms may not be relieved, and too high of a dose can cause unnecessary side effects. Therefore, it is crucial that a physician experienced in prescribing psychotropic medications is treating you or your loved one.


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