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Do I really need treatment? I can usually handle my problems on my own.

Everyone goes through challenging situations in life. Psychiatric treatment and counseling is for people who have enough self-awareness to realize they need a helping hand. Integrative treatment provides relief from distressing symptoms, a sense of emotional and physical well being, and improvements in quality of life, as well as the long-lasting benefits of providing you with the tools to overcome whatever challenges you face.

Is there a diagnostic test to confirm what I have?

Fortunately, with advances in medicine in the last two decades, we have many useful tests at our disposal, like neurotransmitter testing, testing for hormone imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, metabolic dysfunction, genetics and heavy metal toxicities by using blood, saliva and urine analysis. These tests can help us determine the levels and ratios of brain chemicals, cortisol, thyroid, estrogen, and testosterone, as well as detect vitamin deficiencies, anemia, blood sugar problems, and other health issues. This information is extremely useful for measuring symptom intensity as well as guiding treatment with natural supplements and medications.

How can integrative psychiatry/psychotherapy help me?

We provide support, teach problem-solving skills, create self awareness and encourage effective coping strategies. Counseling can help you attain a better understanding of yourself, your challenges, your goals and your values.

For example, learning organizational skills if you have ADHD can help you perform better at work or school. Learning better ways of coping with stress and anxiety can give you the confidence to solve your problems effectively instead of avoiding them. Managing anger, grief, and depression appropriately can allow you to live a happier life. Improving your communication and listening skills can help you improve your relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

Are natural supplements and/or medications right for me?

Integrative psychiatric treatment combines conventional medical treatment strategies with holistic (treat person as a whole) or alternative/preventative treatment approaches to bring about a robust and lasting improvement in every aspect of individual's emotional, psychological, and physical health. Our goal is to optimize brain function, relieve suffering and prevent complications both in the short-term and in the long run.

Are supplements and therapy a substitute for medications?

In many instances, a combination of medications, supplementation with targeted nutrition, psychotherapy, life style coaching, relaxation techniques, and other methods can bring about maximum improvement. As your providers, we can help you determine the best blend of treatment methods for your particular situation.


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