ADHD in Adults

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There are primarily three different types of ADHD:

  1. ADHD inattentive (previously known as ADD) - marked by distractability, poor attention and concentration, difficulty completing tasks

  2. ADHD hyperactive-impulsive - marked by prominent hyperactivity without inattentiveness

  3. ADHD Combined (the most common type) - involves poor attention and concentration, hyperactivity, fidgetiness and impulsivity

ADHD typically begins in childhood and in many instances persists into adulthood. Many adults have it but never got diagnosed or treated as children due to lack of recognition of the condition. Instead, they may have been labeled as merely lazy and/or disruptive.

We test all ages of adults for the presence of ADHD. Once diagnosis is established, we can recommend treatments including medications, natural supplements, behavioral therapies and practical advice.


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