21st Century Reason for Depression

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The pervasive use of microwave radiation in the form of cellphones, cellphone towers, Wi-Fi, computers, smart meters, baby monitors and the expected trillion internet things all invade our cells with energy exposure they were never designed for.

It turns out that the mechanism of how they cause harm was revealed about five years ago by Professor Emeritus Martin Pall. He found that the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) trigger voltage gated calcium channels (VGCC) in the cell membranes that will release a million calcium ions per second from the extracellular space into the intracellular space.

When the sensors in the brain are activated, they will release hormones and neurotransmitters that have been shown to be associated with depression and anxiety, and there is fairly strong evidence they are a major factor in autism. They can also lead to cardiac arrhythmias.

So, if you suffer with depression, anxiety, autism or arrhythmias, it would be wise to be mindful about limiting your EMF exposure.


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